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By paying your date-hold deposit, you confirm and accept the following terms and conditions:



- A non-refundable date-hold deposit of 20% is required to secure all events.

- Date-hold deposit payments are required within 7 days from date of invoice.

- Your date-hold deposit may be exchangeable for a new date, providing the new date is not currently booked by another client. 

- Full payment is required one week prior to the event, before my services can be provided.

- In the very unlikely event that I have to cancel my performance due to emergency or illness, a full refund will be given to the client.



- A reliable power source is required for bigger events, however I do own a battery powered p.a for smaller occasions.



- As a general rule, I require ‘protection from the elements’ over-head.

- Obviously (due to the thousands of dollars worth of equipment I have) I do not play in the rain.

- Most weddings and events require that I bring a fair amount of equipment, and this equipment takes time to set-up and pack-down, so if there is a chance of wet weather (even if rain is only a minimal chance, and it’s just for a short ceremony), I require weatherproof shelter. 

- If you are blessed with good weather, some form of shade/shelter would be greatly appreciated.



- If you are happy to provide me with a meal and a beverage I would be most appreciative.

- Although it is considered an ‘industry standard’, I do not make this a compulsory requirement.

- If you are unable to supply me with food and drinks, please let me know prior to my arrival.

Terms & Conditions.

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