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That feeling you get at a bar as you tap your foot along to the sound of an amplified acoustic guitar on a sunny afternoon. When you're at a friends wedding and hear a heartfelt song sung live with such emotion that makes you shed a tear as your friend walks down the aisle to exchange their vows. Or spilling a drink on your own shirt in the middle of the dance floor because your eyes were closed singing a classic at the top of your lungs.

These are some of the moments that I have witnessed from the stage and everything I had envisioned to bring to an audience. Live music, to me, is the sound that paves the way to a great atmosphere which requires years of perfecting the craft, the right equipment and above all, experience.


I discovered my passion for playing music in 2004. After 10 years of finding my sound, I was ready to take it public.

Playing live music every weekend at weddings, events, venues and pubs over the past 9 years around my home city of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Australia and Europe.

Helping me achieve being a professional musician is 18 years of musical experience, high quality Bose speakers and equipment, DJ decks, lighting and a song repertoire consisting of 350+ well known cover and original songs that incorporate vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, a kick drum and live looping.

If live music or a DJ is what you are after, let's discuss your requirements further here.

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